cities and countries, rivers and forests in watercolor, sketches and gouache


Ulyanovsk State University, Faculty of Culture and Art

Personal Exhibitions

Personal watercolor exhibition of one street Moskovskaya-Lenina (Ulyanovsk, Exhibition hall of The Lenin’s House, 2021)
Personal watercolor exhibition The stories of the old city (Ulyanovsk, The City Library, 2021)
Personal exhibition watercolor project My Italy (Ulyanovsk, State Plastov’s Gallery, 2018).
Personal exhibition «73» (Ulyanovsk, State Museum of the Merchantry, 2017).

Collaborative exhibitions:

The International comics Post-pandemic City exhibition (during The Angoulême International Comics Festival , France. January, 2022).
Russian-Germany photo exhibition «Focus on East/Focus on West» by KulturAktiv, 2016;
Exhibition-presentation of the UNESCO literary cities in Reykjavík (Iceland), 2016;
The exhibition in The Exhibition Hall on Pokrovskaya in Ulyanovsk, 2016;
About Ulyanovsk, the Main City Library of Ulyanovsk, 2018.

Projects in progress

The Virtual map of Simbirsk-Ulyanovsk in the IZI.TRAVEL project (2021)

More than 30 watercolor sketches of the artist Julia Uzryutova with views of Simbirsk-Ulyanovsk are placed on the digital city map. You can walk along the suggested route, recognizing familiar buildings in the sketches and examining the details of the facades. In the first stage, there are 33 works of the artist, the excursion takes place along the streets of September 12, Lenin, Goncharov, Federation, Radishchev. In the future, the excursion will be supplemented, including works related to the left part of Ulyanovsk. Sound stories will also appear.

The last dinosaurs of the epoch – a social-cultural project about the socialist architecture (since 2018).

This project is dedicated to the architecture of the last years of the USSR and the New City subdistrict in Ulyanovsk, which became one of the last large-scale housing projects in the Soviet era. Residential buildings and social facilities of that period underwent many changes in the New City in the following years. The artist depicts buildings without signage, air conditioning, cladding, and alterations, as the architects intended.

The artist and culturologist Julia Uzryutova poses the following questions: What is the historical appearance in the context of the New City? How did the New City of Ulyanovsk look like before? How did the architects conceive it? What is hidden behind the cladding, numerous outbuildings and advertisements? The author reconstructs the memory of the locals, creating watercolor "photos" based on archival photographs and newspaper materials, and the locals leaving their memories.
The New City is a miniature of the post-Soviet space. There are many people who recognize their cities here, which are experiencing the same changes or freeze in their era, reminding us of childhood, youth, and just about the past, which everyone has their own and at the same time in common. The artist “tears down” the signs and announcements of the 1990s and 2000s, leaving the facades in their original appearance. Signboards are combined in a separate work.
The project has exhibition and digital formats (they are in progress now). The digital version of the project involves drawing objects on the map in their original (indigo watercolor “photos” by Julia Uzryutova) and modern form, as well as the locals' memories of these places. The map will become a gathering point for the local community around architecture and its perception by locals.

Old Town Stories Project (since 2018)

The project is dedicated to the wooden and stone architecture of Simbirsk (Ulyanovsk), which loses more and more tangibly every year. Unfortunately, some of the houses were demolished during the project, the more important it becomes to draw attention to the outgoing architectural beauty.

8 000 above the water (since 2017)

Series about my native city Ulyanovsk and the bridge, crossing the Volga River, that divides the city into two parts.

The People in museums (since 2015)

Sketch-project. A series of quick sketches of museum visitors, made in the different museums of the world.

Past Projects

Art-director of the project «Theater of the one Ulgrad» (a socio-political satirical project for news agency Ulyanovsk - news town), 2014-2018. This is a multidisciplinary project including the mix of the theater, drama, photography, and mass media.

The project «Snow minimalism», photo and literature project that was shown in the exhibition-presentation of the UNESCO literary cities in Reykjavík (Iceland), 2016.

The project «Ulyanovsk in details», local history photo project for news agency Ulyanovsk - news town, its purpose – to focus the attention of the inhabitants on the details of the urban space, 2013-2015.

The project «Cover Time», visual stories about life in Ulyanovsk in the second half of the XX century focusing casual people’s life and typically features of the different periods of that time, since 2013.

Interactive exhibition social project «I/We», the multidisciplinary project (photo, psychology, exhibition) is dedicated to the civil formation of the person, implies an interactive traveling exhibition, 2007-2008.

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Julia Uzryutova – artist, illustrator, culturologist, photographer, journalist, creator and teacher of the sketching workshops. Interested in art and multidisciplinary projects that focus on the interaction of the art, city landscape, literature, and tell about everyday life, architecture, nature and ecology.